Monday, December 23, 2013

The Identity Debt of the Twenties

As twenty something can we claim anything as our own? Can we truly say I started that of my own accord, I motivated myself to do that with my own independent free will. Can we stand in front of our own accomplishments and own them as truly ours?  For surely they come from somewhere.... a series of events... a foundation of our being.

We stand in front of a road less travelled OR a road well travelled, either way a road that HAS to be travelled and every new step is a question, a problem to be solved, an undiscovered growth. Life.

We stare at our horizons filled with uncertainties, filled with fears, filled with goals, but ultimately we stare at a destination that is unknown. Sometimes we sprint towards it and other times we crawl. Either way our frontal lobes are creating an overdrive of neurons that we may or may not use and through time and connections our frontal lobe solidifies.

And even further to that point. No there is no rhyme, there is no reason to what you choose, there is no predestined or predefined disposition for why you end up where. There is no greater power determining who you are and why you are. Instead as I say your identity is a debt to the greater surroundings of your being. Your experiences, your family, your friends, your background... all of these things are you and nothing is by chance. You have achieved nothing on your own. You are a creation and an empire; built on your background and your phenomological experiences.  


Really, do whatever you need. Stare at the sky, look at the sea, let your hair down, do whatever you need to let life wash over you. But don't stand at a crossroads and not decide, because that is a decision in itself. Deciding nothing, doing nothing is the biggest decision of all.

Somehow though, despite all the experiences, the personality bends and curves we have in our twenties-  we still must depend on those random pitstops, both negative and positive, to really add to our identity.  Those places, those opportunities, and even those people that you expect to mean the least, quite usually mean the most. They are the most defining variables in your decade to come. So sit back and enter no matter what the cover looks like.

Ride a horse, sit on the beach and ponder life, but do it all the while knowing that who you are is owed to where you came from, who you know, and what you do.

What's most exciting to harness is the fact that you WILL change and you are yet to discover the factors that will change you. So enjoy the ride and please take pictures along the way.

 Pick a road and go, go go... you have no fucking idea what you will see along the way.

All my love as usual,


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