Monday, December 3, 2012

Loss of Youth: The Cost of Maturity

To gain something always means to lose something else. For we as humanity can never obtain a new quality without it costing us its counterpart. We may become more humble, but we forget how to say no. We may become less fearful, but we forget how important it is to fear. We may become stronger, but we forget the blissful states of naivety. To embrace one is to release another. The cost of maturity means the loss of one's youth. This ever exchanging, developing, and imbalanced cycle has been playing on both my conscious and subconscious states for quite some time. For what does it mean to be mature? As a young child we desire to be older than we are, it consumes us; we lose our youth. As an adult we desire to be younger than we are, it fills us with nostalgia; our youth is lost. Maturity the very lustful item that consumed us at the age we now wish to be, is upon us. The Cost of Maturity is your loss of youth, are you ready to make this exchange? And when you make this exchange are you even aware of the cost/loss ratio? 

 Life is much like the budding of this flower we begin our days closed, underdeveloped, and desperate to be nurtured and given nutrition in order to grow:

As our petals open, we develop personality, color, unique qualities that differentiate us from the other flowers. Our life begins.

At such a young age the world is magical! Everything and anything is an adventure. The world is your oyster.

Things seem more beautiful, powerful, great, magnificent; it is all new. 

However, as society digs its nails deep below the surface of your skin, you become conditioned, numb, and unable to see the magic that once lied before you.  Stormy skies set in and the battle begins. You feel your youth slipping, you try to hold on, but the harder you squeeze the faster it slides. Maturity is at the eve of descendance  and says, " O child but you wished for me for so long". It knocks upon your door, creaks in through the cracks of your foundation, and you wake up suffocated by the realization of the extremity of the Maturity/youth exchange.

You see as a child,  we measure our success by our growing bodies. The loss of teeth, growing pains, shoes that are too small, and moving on to chapter books are all things we beam about. Yet, when we become older we measure our success from others failures. How are we doing in comparison to them. We never stop our desires and thus we can never be happy. While working towards one task, we are already planning the next. Desire after Desire lines up much like miserable business men exiting the trains for work. There is an italian saying that means "So good he is good for nothing" this is applicable to ever connotation of the word maturity. For we desire it as it seems so good, but when we have it, it is good for nothing but unhappiness. It is true a man's maturity pays the price of his youth. 

We grow older and often enjoy the time to ourselves. Time when we can think, separate ourselves from the defining factors around us. When we are alone we are not a sister, we are not a brother, we are not a friend, we are not anything but who we are. We become lone rangers on the beach:

And our priorities shift from the tooth fairy, santa claus, and playmates to things like love, family, career, and defining our success. Success is all how you measure it. But society has its cheeky way of prevailing its hierarchical diagram of success onto the majority of those people filled with empty desires.

We all become so submissive to the "balls" of life. Believing and falling into the conditions of a grim society constructed by men of these empty desires. Waiting, waiting, waiting for our masters command to fetch. 

And in those brief few moments when we live, really live. We are away from our everyday. Brought up by the new and away from the old. We surf the waves of life and realize the limited days until we return home from holiday. 

But in the mean time we run free like beautiful dogs let loose on the dog beach. 

Suspended in mid air:

 Somewhere far from home we wait, ponder, and evaluate who we were what we have become and we acknowledge the cost/ loss ratio of maturity and youth. Desperate to convey the message to at least one young person so that they do not rush into the same exchange is a fools game of mockery for we all have to learn on our own. It is certain that maturity will teach us.

 All my love and sorry for the much delayed post!


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