Thursday, February 9, 2012

I heard these wise words from a friend once ,

"You cannot prevent the birds of sorrow from flying over

your head, but you can prevent them from building a nest

in your hair."

And if this is true then there are heaps of things we can prevent from digging their claws and teeth into our inner most beings. Wriggling their way into our deepest, darkest spots until they are oozing from each and every pore. In order to keep from turning into this desolate sad crazy bird hair filled lady I get out on the town.

Now I know it has been a significant of time since my last posting, but do not worry my readers; I have not abandoned you just merely been distracted by summer and all those summer things you are supposed to do.....

Since we last spoke I have visited the botanical gardens:

Seen the soft and sharp:

Danced along the waters edge:

Gotten in touch with my inner child:

Celebrated another Christmas and
the inevitable new year welcome 2012!

I went to the fish markets on a Saturday Date and filled my senses with the aromas of fish, salt, blood, sea, and hints of lemon here and there. Getting lost in the hustle bustle of the crowd, fighting for fresh seafood I felt as if I was in a living replica of the ocean and its hierarchical based feeding frenzy.

I even cheesily tagged this photo of kissing fish with Brendan and I on facebook:

And I mustn't forget that I of course made time to stop and smell the flowers.... or in most cases steal them from my neighbors yards and put them in my room hahaha !

I also became an auntie to this peanut of a baby Who I cannot wait to meet !

And I even had a road trip with Brendan down to Port Stephens for the night:

We Hit the highway with blue skies:

Green grass:
And a posh room awaiting us :

We made the most by using our balcony in the sun:

Drinking ginger beers by the pool:

Taking AM strolls in the port:
Once again smelling the flowers:

And most importantly I think they always say have a summer love right ?

Cheers my Lovelies,


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