Thursday, November 17, 2011

Everyday in life there is YES and there is NO and we have constructed this life as if it were clearly such a black and white matter.
Disappointing as it may be life is clearly not black and white... so many issues fall in that grey area so what word covers that ? cause MAYBE in the real world just doesn't cut it.....

And in those times where the word;maybe, just won't do the trick and you have no idea what the solution is because those three simple english words of yes, no, and maybe just weren't devised to cover the turmoils and trifles of life. In this event then I recommend reclusion in the form of staring out at the big blue sea because everything contained within it and how it functions is just as mysterious as the answer to your questions.

The fact of the matter is we are simply screwed because, often that grey area we cant seem to allot to neither black or white is often the root of something that will cause much greater unhappiness. Due to the fact that the initial twinging of the uncertainty to your answer is easier to push to the back burner for the meantime until it becomes such a large burning hole in your brain with what seems like no right or wrong solution.... Screwed screwed screwed

So in the event of picking or choosing just what is right for our circumstances do we pull into our shell and hide when we get scared; cause if so then we aren't that different from turtles? Or do we beat the hare in the race...

If we don't pick or choose and we pull inside our shell then death is inevitable. Death in the form of spirit, person, or life. Noone will wait forever this isn't a fairytale. If we don't try to beat the hare then we will certainly be left skin and bones on the ladder rings of life just one step short of the lesson we were meant to learn.

However, if you do decide to poke your head out of that deep dark safe shell of yours you may just find that looking out over into the sea or whatever form of happiness you have will eventually set you free. That initial nagging of uncertainty has now been faced, solved, and dissipated until the next turn of events. Sometimes, we can't formulate into words what the solution was it was so slowly progressive that we didnt notice; rather, we just came to peace with the terms of what was given.

And by the time we are this age all of those races we took with the hare will seem so minute. Some you lost and some you won, by a lot or by a little but who cares?

This time last year I was preparing for my journey overseas to Japan. I had just visited sculptures by the sea and discovered the band sticky fingers. This year I have no plans to go to Japan. I went with Shirley and did the Bondi to Coogee walk checking out all the art for this years sculpture by the sea. (hence all the photos above as well)

I Live in a Beautiful Fucking City I love you Sydney

xx, L

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