Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting with this :

It must be said that lately I've been seeing the world thru pink glasses and living that way too... welll mostly!
and mostly that pink glasses phase has been due to the fact that there is someone special in my life who looks like this :

Anyways over the weekend was my birthday I turned 22 not much exciting there other than the fact I have crossed the threshold of initial youth and begun my descent into the world of societies norms positioned for us by adulthood. To celebrate I rented a car for the day! I didnt kill anyone so I guess I did ok...

Behind the wheel combined with perfect weather I headed to my favorite beach in Vaucluse. I call it no Fat Chicks Beach cause as you can see the stair case is so narrow a fat person would never fit thru.

Soaked up the sun...

Frolicked in the water...

and mostly enjoyed the views along with the wandering dogs !

Then I headed to my birthday dinner at the Lebanese Restaurant Almustafa where I had all my near and dear enjoy a meal fit for a king.

And a few drinks later :

Then Came the belly dancers:

And best of all came the surprise cake from brendan covered in my favorite tim tams and chocolate !

But the celebrations did not stop there on Sunday I followed with a epic BBQ filled with heaps of food sausages, chicken, cheese platter, salad, chips, dips, pastries and more !

Dr. Harry even participated in the Birthday Fun!

We all got a bit competitive as I kicked brendan's ass in ping pong!

but he was a good sport!

It was mostly just fun and games chilling in the sunny weather with good company and good food there isn't a much better way to become a entire year older.

Anyways as the sun went down I felt like this photo along with this song:

Lots of love,

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