Sunday, October 30, 2011

Killing for Love

We are all seeking that one great love in life. In fact, I have come to believe that many of our everyday actions revolve around finding this one person or this idealized person. And who is this person, this thing we place so high in our hierarchy of needs? We spend so long pining and waiting for this special someone that when they come will we even notice? or will we be too busy looking for the ideals and constructed expectations to even notice? What will we do with our time once they are found? Furthermore, When thinking of great love we always want what we cant have. Why is it that we are tempted to rekindle those old flames .... the ones who got away? It is never settled really its always turning, unsettling your heart.
We in our instinctive nature burn for the passion, lust for the desire, and we fiend for the adventure of the great love..
But were these great loves really ever ours to begin with? I have been weighing a lot in my head lately what makes the passionate tumultuous toxic love affairs so much more powerful and earth shattering than the safe comfortable love we settle into when we pick a partner for life? Do we ever forget that one true love, the one who got away? I refer to it as residue... somehow when you find yourself in a change and in a new relationship this residue starts settling all around you, you are sweeping, sweeping it away, but the more you sweep the more residual evidence falls all around you. Comparisons and contrasts begin forming and you find that passionate feverish love spell you swore you'd never put yourself through again creeping its appeal back into your conscious mind... So with concepts of settling and consistency on the near horizon of possibilities, literally the devil has come knocking. One step forward and two steps back. There is something to be said about the chase... if you keep running and running and running you get tired, but when you take a rest in between you forget how bad everything ached when you were running after the prize. So is it a matter of the heart or a matter of the head when it comes to these two types of love? Crazy passionate infatuating love or settled, consistent, structured love? They are both love in some form so is one a matter of the heart and the other a matter of the head? and if so is that why we feel this ever dragging conflict between the two? So then we hit the cliche follow your heart or follow your head... How do we create a balance between these two? "It seems foolish to chase something you can never catch", says the head. "Its so close if you just push a little harder its yours", says the heart. So do we run knowing we wont catch up or do we sprint just a little harder in hopes that we might just maybe catch the passion lying ahead . Where do you lie in the heart or in the head? With the safe or with the unpredictable? Free spirit I am I wanna run run run with the wind not looking back and see what I catch and who I catch adventure is calling so maybe talk soon?

Mostly this song captures the dramatic tug of war between these two emotions:

Enjoy ...Food for thought,

Some tunes I have been listening to lately

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