Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First off I want to start by sharing this with all of you !

Right now I feel largely like this:

And its mostly because life feel so well balanced like yin and yang or like life and death:

And the more I learn about you dear life, its like an onion or gold flake. Its really just peeling back the layers; Getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. Each time it feels permanent, it seems like the perfect, everlasting fit until it isn't. And yet every new layer seems shinier than the last, why is that?

Its much like driving away, staring out the back window with hands and face glued to the glass. For if we aren't looking backwards then we are looking straight ahead. Where does that leave the middle? Where does that leave the now? Where does that leave us? For if its always a comparison between the Then, and what's to come, but never the Now who are we and how do we exist in this present moment?

Cause if everything becomes so blended and meshed it leaves no time to enjoy the simple human values of art and tradition

Sometimes with life and all the societal traps that are imposed upon us I feel like doing this just letting go, facing it all, and merging straight into the wild ...

But then I remember that there are so many things to celebrate and I look at the world and the things around me and I see color, light, and love, the very essence of being. Im attracted to the romantic ideals of intuition, spontaneity, creativity, and a right to one's original identity.

Anyways lets all be hippies and run free... in the mountains? or the city? or the beach? whatever really just as long as uni isnt there !

Anyways I am Stealthy like a cat

And I know somewhere in the circle of life I was either a cat or will be reincarnated as one:
Anyways meow mixing hunny bunnys

xx L

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