Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome to Waverton! I moved right around the corner from this view!

I can go on walks and overlook sydney

or wildlife

Find the parrots in this photo:

Anyways im so jealous of birds it would be amazing to be tired of something and just pick up and fly away. OR to see something shiny or attracting and be able to land on it!

Surfs up ladies ! The summer weather is creeping in and so are the short skirts, sandals, and smiles. I enjoyed digging my toes in the sand while photographing these girls tear up the waves :)

This past sunday I went on a mini road trip with my friend Aija and her friend Inesa. We started with a surf lesson in Manly then headed to Whale Beach and Palm Beach. With good tunes, warm weather and the smell of fish and chips it was bound to be a good day...

We ended the lovely day by going to lavender point near where I now live to overlook the city and the harbour bridge in the dark....

at the moment on uni holidays loving the summer air more photos to come

lots of love,

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