Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If you look back about a year in my blog post you will find a posting for this exact same festival except that time I was fresh off the boat. This is the Aroma festival filled with coffee and foods from all different regions of the world.

The Turkish region sat right by the harbor bridge and overlooked the sydney opera house combined with the music, the belly dancer and the nice weather it was very convincing

The orient region had dancers, curries, vibrant colors, and sounds

After weaving my way through the sea of people at the aroma festival I decided to take the ferry over to Manly for the day. Being on the boat with the combination of sun and wind it felt like this:

and looked like this:

Upon landing in Manly I wandered for ages around the streets and on the beach
but remember
"Not all those who wonder are lost"

I feel like life is a lot about this

and always pointing us in some direction giving us turns

But I enjoyed Manly for the day

Lots of Love y'all

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