Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So I know its been a REALLY LONG TIME since i blogged but I have had an assortment of hurricanes blowing a storm into my path of life. But as a result you patient followers will get a massive upload of photos starting from easter:

Over easter break we packed up the car and headed south to Freyja's home town for a little outdoors time:

We sat up camp, collected wood for the fire and prepared for the night

After I learned how to set up my tent I took it to my self to go for a quick explore:
the sunset was burning with desire and the night was inching ever closer. I felt the embrace of dusk showing me its true colors.

Night was not short of a parade of colors, sounds, abstracts, and shadows. We seem to be afraid of the absence of light but when surrounded by friendly shadows the eyes of night never seemed so appealing.

It sounded and felt like this :

The fire danced and so did we

Morning came as it should and it had its own unique beauties. I love how everything near sunrise is covered with dew. We cooked blueberry pancakes surrounded by on looking lambs, goats, and horses

On actual easter day I flew to Melbourne to spend the holiday with Honor and her Sister and was greeted by the sweet lil bilby I couldn't help but laugh at how australian this was

We drove down to Lorne for the day and stalked down the koala bear

We stumbled down to the beach to collect rocks and the sorts:

I went to check out the Disney Film Exhibit and as always love reflective items to take a self portrait

Finally, I went on a roadtrip up to Brisbane and back with Stacey, Alex, and Jacko and saw plenty of the coast

Soon after I headed home to visit loved ones in New York and the Dirty South I found almost straight away that I plopped myself on the beach with friends and a cooler filled with similar contents and watched the sun, waves, and tide rise and fall

And as my dad always says there is nothing like the crystal coast and in a way he is right:

I was also home for Independence Day which was the first time in many years. I sat on the beach barefoot watching drunkened fools swim in riptide currents,roll in the sand like a litterbox, people dancing, music blaring, fireworks booming over head and it was all very musical and fitting

We drove to the end of the island another day where we felt the mosquitos might literally do this

And we stopped at this drive up greasy spoon that could only be found in the south to get the sworn by crab and shrimp burgers

I went to rediscover Fort Macon

I had margarita night at the house with a few oldie goldies

I saw old friends, family, and animals. Got to sit on the beach and live the dream for a month but now I am back in Sydney awaiting the start of uni and work:

Collectively is this:

all my love xx


  1. so beautiful & so many inspiring sights. I really liked this blogpost. Some of the photos are unbelievably good. Those fireworks! I can't believe you saw a koala & is that a giant exploded fish or jellyfish on the beach?
    Beautifully written & put together leighanna. The photo of felipe at the opening is hilarity! me gusta mucho! xx