Saturday, April 16, 2011

I feel like this about it :

and I can't help but keep coming back to this one song and all that it says to me noone will ever fully understand:

Last week I took it easy and enjoyed the sun and warm weather that graced Sydney... I dipped my toes in the water-- i found the distortion that was caused by the meniscus of the water upon my leg was fascinating: Breaking the surface?, Skimming the surface ? Diving in? Metaphorical for how we are,who we are? What do you do ?

men are a giddy thing one foot in sea, one on shore

I observed the shells and the wild life around me. I mean when I look at all the colors,sounds, and engaging articles around me I can't imagine taking it for granted not for one moment.

There is something about breathing in salty air and being along the waters edge that makes me feel free it reminds me I have obligations and responsibilities to nothing and noone. Being by the sea makes me feel awake and to feel awake is to be alive.... I think the best quality we can obtain is the power to paint and sculpt our surrounding atmosphere to affect the very quality of our day.

My housemate and I went to walk the dogs at Gordons Bay we even got lucky and scored a warm enough day to go for a swim ourselves!

This lovely girl found me two starfish and gave them to me after she created a skit between her and a fish she was desperately trying to capture. There is something fascinating about a childs brain and their effortless attempts to succeed. We can learn from a childs naivety and curiosity with its surrouding world.

And right as the Uni holidays begin so does the rain

So instead of venturing out I sat inside and watched Some Like it Hot featuring Marilyn Monroe there is nothing like a rainy weekend day <3

I think as humans we are determined to be starved before we are hungry and this rules us in many aspects. Live for now. Learn to live in the present and you will find many problems dissolve. Sit, Breathe, Enjoy.

yours truly

easy tunes :

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