Sunday, March 20, 2011

This song is so beautifully inspired with beats, sounds, rhythms, and life.... I cant help but feel free when I listen it consumates thoughts, actions, and results all together this is how I feel about life RIGHT NOW so turn it on close your eyes and look deep within yourself :

I keep telling myself and realizing this incredible journey I have brought myself upon --This is where I am at physically RIGHT NOW:

and this is where I am emotionally/mentally right now.. The nine of pentacles represents someone who has reached a inner peace is very independent, self- sufficient, and confident. Not needing others to suffice her happiness. It represents a enjoyment of accomplishments and a overall happiness and inner peace with yourself.

I in noway feel like this however am aware of my surroundings big and small :

and I can still take a walk in someone elses shoes because I know just as all good things come to end so do all bad ones... but for now Ill keep walking in my own happy happy shoes. A friend once said... "Birds of sadness will fly over your head but do not let them make nests in your hair." It is all how you look at life really...

And all these free floating happy feelings make me want to light candles, incense, open the windows let the rain smell waft in while i write poetry on my feet and hands and absorb the good vibes around me:

I must say having moved into the house I am beginning to meet some really great people once again and the things that each person offers me along the way just enlightens me more and more if you wanna find me when the sun sets itll be here in a backyard hut:

and i have these animals all around me to walk and love and ya know all i have to say is life is good

when you chase it, it escapes you,when you escape it chases you.


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  1. That first song is so heavenly +inspiring!!! And the second one is just damn cool!

    Great b&w pics girl!! xxxx