Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Baltic has housed me twice now upon my return from overseas adventures and it always proves for a good time. The house holds a collective melting pot of interesting cultures, conversations, and friendships :

Last weekend was Mardi Gras and all those crazies came out: Hanging around Baltic I saw colors, tattered bits, and lovely energies it looked like this:

and it sounded like this :

I must admit I have been noticing a lot of little things lately for example those delicately positioned messages written on the very corner at the bottom where the brick and sidewalk meet or those street artists conspicuously placed signature art, love confessions large and small, political and corporate expressed opinions, clever quotations, and more. Accumatively together they all represent a memory, a intricate detail in some persons life---whether in a whimsical and light hearted form or a desperate outreach to be heard they are a colorful texture filled ride of the past overflowing the streets with emotions with life, with massive sighs.....

And with all these colors and inspirations I decided hair is just hair and died bits of my hair with those sighs from the streets:

And I have been doing trivia nights on Tuesday and roaming the lively streets of Sydney feeling out my new home and loving it and the people all the while:

On another note I finally found a home and it isnt just any home it is a teenage dream room! I live in a attic.... I climb a ladder to enter and have a attic all to myself to hang fairy tale paintings from the walls and trinkets from random nails and not to mention hit my head a million and one times in the process of adjusting to different heights that the slanting roof creates for me. On top of my new dream come true it gets better the share house fosters animals!! We have a permanent cat named peanuts and at the moment a MASSIVE dog named Big Bear.... so my hearts content, my mind is well and I am loving Sydney as I always have.

P.S bought a new bike today expect to see me shooting around on my fancy lil bullet
you can also find me buying cheap produce at the paddys market

xx L

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  1. Ahhh love the face-paint pics!! Didn't know that your new room will be an attict! How amazing! :)) (....and fosters pets!!!)