Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its really true you see there is a massive difference
between girls:

and boys :

more of an impossible separation that creates a hazardous result when the fine line between the two almost meshes. In a way its kind of like this :

a wonder wheel the cycle goes round and round with all he little girl and boy passengers reliving the same motions over and over again but at different altitudes with different perspectives and angles on the surrounding game of life.

Sometimes when you are at the bottom of the wheel and can see nothing you are blinded by whats to come where you are going and all you can do is give up throw yourself at whatever:

And sometimes you are at the top and the landscape is all around you and the fresh air is all you breath and everything is ahead .. .you are in control of your next move you are free and wild like a horse and all you can do is spread your wings and fly; embrace it, become it:

and this is great it reminds me of Wyatt my sock monkey obsession:

My mind looked like this for a few days with swarming monsters and tibetan deities swirling around my thoughts consuming me:

And all i wanted to do was huddle up and surround myself with animals like so:

so I went and found one dead or not :

I also played dress up with Wiley:

I also played with antique japanese toys and had a go on some old stilts:

We visited a local temple and checked out the gold enbellished walls, the lined and stacked rows of religious statues and wiley even had a moment of worship ?

After the temple Wiley decided to sprint through the untouched snow in some sort of epic struggle he succeeded:

On another hand I have been snowboarding heaps:

and when we get bored Stace mans the building of ice houses
makes a nice guest accomodation:

and on lucky days these are the things I am
surrounded by:

Fortunate enough it always makes me feel like a kid
just like this photo:

Wiley left to go home today safe travels and lovely to see you !

Lots has been coming and going lately here are a few tunes to hone into my life:

and really listen to the lyrics in this classic :

here is a couple more good tunes:

enjoy all my love as always,

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