Saturday, February 19, 2011

For now Im keeping my head in the clouds and its not
so tragic if I don't look down ....

My japanese adventure is coming to a close and I can't believe 3 months has passed!
I feel like a giant has closed his eyes in some far away planet and is blowing me away in the same way id blow the seeds off a dandelion plant when you make a wish-- like so:

I feel like I am hanging out to dry waiting to be plucked off the line neatly folded and returned to a drawer or just tossed on the floor amongst a pile of other tees and pants:

But like i said its not so tragic if i dont look down

the sun will still rise :

Time will continue to tick forward:

And we will continue to move forward no matter where we are. who we are with or what is around us :

I guess my point is everything keeps going as it was so (kindly) put to me I say it to you-- Why bother; why bother living somewhere you arent, why bother wishing you were somewhere else, why bother doing anything than what you want to do why bother caring, why bother exerting energy into anything? And if you dont hear the dry sarcasm in that writing then you dont know me well at all. I hate weak excuses and that is one of the worst Why bother, really? I can think of a surplus of reasons to bother.

Here are a few of the things ill miss when im gone
seico mart 100 yen sushi :( and of course you too stacy:

The lovely man at this 500 yen curry restaurant where conveniently we are famous:

the construction and development of our ice house:

The local hang out at Loaf lounge including the table tennis:

and most importantly the good group of friends i leave behind:

On another note earlier this month we went to Sapporo to see the snow and ice festival

We then went to a all you can eat and drink which set the tone for the night:

Then hit the town:

I think these are adorable not to mention polite:

anyways my tummy is grumbling im gonna get my fill of sushi loving from the supermarket

lots of love as always see you soon sydney


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