Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ok so this a overly due and long procrastinated blog post so photos extend from the start of this trip until now.

It all started the night I arrived you see everyone ...any roommate I have ever lived with thoroughly enjoys disorienting themselves with a hearty laugh by wearing my coke bottle glasses Shem is a nice model ?

There wasnt heaps more to do in town till the mountain opened so we played in what little snow we had.

and while we waited we hiked up the local ski field in Kutchan and did some runs on really average joe snow but there were lovely aerial views

We found entertainment in watching the man eating crows swarming the fields and trees then taking over the sky in flight quickly turning a sunny day into a dark dark night
And then we spiced the formula up a bit and Kev arrived a amazingly entertaining canadian who truly bask in the idea of just being a kid stuck in a grown ups body
we waited around a bit more for the mountain to open watching the sky dump loads on us and the boys shoveling away for our ice cave outside

and the boys wasted money on the Japanese version of Poker called Pachinko

O and Merry Christmas:

I went for a lovely dinner with some friends in town it was all you can drink for a set price and well my christmas was..... not sure of the right adjective haha

and we continued the night out after but ill stop the photos here

OOO AND HAPPPPY NEW YEAR i love this time of year two massive holidays back to back:

We started by having dinner at a boat shaped restaurant with entertaining menu selections I am craving codsemen....

And then we proceeded to having one, two, a few drinks at a bar and played darts and Stace even slumped to slurping his spilt shot off the table... and before we knew it in fact we missed the new year and celebrated a minute late with delayed shouts and hollers but who cares its 2011 for 300 something fanciful days

And then here are a collection of photos of us on the mountain and cleaning and the sorts

we were terrorfied of this mangled pitiful animal cruelty reindeer tied and bound for the sick enjoyment of people like amy and i to take photos of it at the Hilton resort followed by the perverted and oddly sexual santa claus ??
here :

This is Mt. Yotei
I am a thug.... no seriously

500 yen curry please and thankyou or should I say kudasai and arrigato

Living in a wintery wonderland and loving it.... my friend wiley gets here soon should be heaps of fun not to mention it snows everyday for the next week yippeee

Sleepy time

xxxxxxxxxx to my summery loves in Sydney and all my other wintery sisters around the world


and some chunnnessss

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