Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is a story, a fairy tale,
a good night Story

I cant believe I used to live here :
In a barbie world

Where it was always a matter of what card
am I going to play next

and when I think back it always made
me wanna be like BITCH PLEASE

However I really do miss my Dress up Tuesdays

But then I moved to this fabulous place where i felt like this:

and what made it even better is it had beaches and cliffs and overlooks and places to drive a car and park and gaze into mystic breathtaking scenery all the while having a breathing pulsing city meters away and it made me feel alive

and I didnt feel so trapped anymore in fact I felt duplicated shadowed brilliantly strewn by the suns rays representing me on the sidewalk, floor, and wherever else it chose and I grew...

I grew like spongebob did that time when he got to be the
burgerchef at Krusty Krab restaurant

And now I live like this :

Where the last feeling I feel is this:

or this:

and it is so cold I feel like I might as well be doing this:

And there are no words to describe the pleasure I get
from curling up with a warm pair of socks on:

There is so much snow and ice here I feel like mother nature
has mastered in one element here

This photo of Danielle needs no words however I cant help but gawk
at how amazing it is and how jealous I am

And being able to go up the mountain every day breathing the freshest crispest air and seeing the land down below you and feeling the wind slap your face and rush by your ears and feeling the bite of the cold air as you sit on the chairlift up pole after pole my world feels like this:

But as we know all good things come to a end but the happy thing is
I return to a good thing as well

but until then here are a couple more photos of my life now because
we should all live more in the present

and finally I find this incredibly hilarious as I would:

and I leave you guys with lots of love as always
heres a song ive been listening to heaps riding not the exact version but enjoy

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