Sunday, December 12, 2010

Here is a amazing song :

Id like to say this post may ramble its a bit helter skelter but since the mountain only opened recently I have had a lot of free time to think and to divulge into the deep whirly gigs of my mind so enjoy as I make no sense from point to point:

ISo we as human beings are alotted several volitional choices in life and as I have previously mentioned life seems to be revolved around choices our conciousness awakes and reacts to our daily choices and decisions as simple as what socks you choose to wear on a -2 degree day your toes will be warm or your toes will be cold and as simple as that is even further is nothing is given to us our basic means for survival is our mind.... what state is it in ? Life and body is given to you by an alternate persons choice; however, your mind is not.... and in a beautiful compositional way it is formed. To remain a life and a body one must think. Well to think or not to think often at times shutting the brain off seems to be the easiest thing rather than sorting with todays problem, but I find when you subcome to the nature of this inner fog that is released by not exercising or utilizing the mind you play with the concept of I am. In a way it is a refusal to know, a refusal to accept responsibility of acknowledging a fact, a refusal to see, and ultimately a refusal to accept It is. And now I must say it is what it is ... As much as I love and believe ignorance is bliss its true that digging deeper and and not swimming around the surface adds to a character and reveals reality. You can evade reality temporarily but it always comes back.

On another note what I love is this ... when i disagree with a person I allow reality to be the final decision.... if i am right he will learn if i am wrong I will learn either way both parties benefit.

In the end we are all moral cannibals its like trying to fight off murder with suicide our society has raised us to destroy our brain. As in nature's laws living species train their young and in our case society tells us dont ask so many questions!, children should be seen and not heard, dont argue, obey ! your parents know best, who are you to know ? and more we are conditioned to be play doh models of the governments view of some sort of utopia or carefully collected lego pieces of a built country.

The streets seem to be covered with overly steroid injected snowflakes and the snowmen are a town symbol but I dont think there names are frosty because rudolph is nowhere to be found
And a true statement is manana i will be better
And the season is picking up and so is the nightlife and I my friends am living the dream

and these are some of the creepy one room bars that hang around here:

This could be a ziploc commercial :

More bloody imitation frosty the snowman:

And a song to fit my dancing mood swafting and living the life
I like how the snow here has a sort of submission in the crunch it makes under your foot in a way i feel like mother nature is allowing entry a imprint; a presence into her mysterious ways. And true maybe it isnt so friendly of me when i wipeout a few hundred times into her beautifully laid snow nest but it was my first day up the mountain and I think but I know I will be good and I will get to the level I want to be. I dont think in words but more in actions and I know it will be accomplished by the fact of my mere wanting it. And by day two I have linked my turns and will be heading up tomorrow morning to continue practicing before I hit work.

anyways all my love until next time


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