Monday, November 22, 2010

This is who I am in love with-- infatuated in the least creepy way. His name is Dylan Frost and he plays in a band called Sticky Fingers here in Sydney I stumbled across him a week or so ago at Newtown festival as I was just leaving the park his singing caught me and I stayed and listened for over a hour more. After stalking for about a week I managed to download a cd and listen on repeat to his soothing and magical voice that will one day be mine..... This is not a school girl crush.
Even creepier check out my background image on my computer and if you look close you can see that I am listening to his music called Juicy Ones. Go to this site to have a listen they are well worth it. in a way i guess it is motivation to come back to sydney and not get stuck in Niseko too long

Last Thursday night we had a going away/ late 21st birthday celebration for no other than me...

We had nice dips while looking at the illuminated skyline of the harbour bridge and the sydney opera house complimented by a nearly full moon filled with our dear friend the man in the moon.

I finally got to bring together some of the fabulous people that I have met and talked so fondly of in Sydney in one place. I always stress about situations like that because I tend to be magnetic to people of all sorts but people aren't so magnetic to each other. In this case things sparked and the eclectic mix of artists, designers, and slobs like me created a lovely little melting pot in the haven I have so graciously been living in the past month. When that happens it gives me the greatest kind of joy and what I enjoy most is sitting back and observing; watching those interactions occur and blossom. Planting a seed.--- It is the only gardening I do

We had a lovely candlelit dinner

Wendy and Alizee organized a cake and sang to me and I blew so hard I feared
my wish would blow away......

Finally Frey and I made a nest in the day bed in the sun room it felt a bit like a childs sleepover in the best kind of way.... Shirley stayed in my room and I managed to embrace my spinning head and get a few hours of rest.

Recently the weather in sydney has been overly fabulous and they say that smell is the strongest sense of memory. Well when I run along Watsons Bay the minute I hit waterside that mix of salt and must, damp air, and the slight twinge of fish residue tickle my nose and I am reminded of so many summers at the beach in NC--- the dock, the boat, chicken salad sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies at the Hackneys. The smell of suntan lotion mixed with salt, sand, and sweat. Crusty hair molded to whatever hairtie you had in and whatever position it sat that day. Unfortunate tanlines and big fat grins on your face --full of vitamins and running wild. Mostly, I miss windows down and wind rushing through the car, your ears, your eyes, and sometimes blowing your bank statements out the window---filling you with a slight moment of guilt for polluting-- then carrying on because there is nowhere better to be but soaking up that moment THE MOMENT and of course being brought back to reality by a twinging sun burn.
As seen below: it doesnt really do it justice but I was a bloody lobster pass the butter and you have a meal :

Sometimes you have to pause whatever you are doing and listen to the sounds around --the kids in the neighborhood screaming about this and that, the pool splashing in the yard over, a door slamming, the ocean in the distance, the rustle of leaves in the trees, and then you have to listen to yourself what are you saying or not saying where is your message being carried or lost?

You can send a message in a bottle through the sea why not in the wind? Pochahontas was onto something with the colors of the wind .... Maybe I should take a second or third look at
Disney movies?

Here is a quick painting I did for Wendy's home rubbish modern ? or kindergartener's day out?
I did another as well which I will post later

Last proper sleep in Sydney tonight haven't been this excited in so long
From Sunburn to Windburn and I can't wait


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