Tuesday, November 9, 2010

So as usual here are some good tunes to listen to :

Here are some photos that are really cool. I am not sure where they came from I stumbled across them in my computer rubbish bin but they feel like i do in a fairy bread kind of way. Look up fairy bread PUH LEASE

A few weekends ago I went back to glebe park to show Alizee around who just got here from France we went to the Glebe Markets and Jubilee Park and that night went to a Halloween party where I was Lions and Tigers and Bears O MY!!
THe following morning at work I felt the results of 2 hours of sleep ouch.
We went to the local pub hotel where my friends work and I coincidentally love the complimentary chili peanuts they serve so I eat them to my hearts content.
we drank ginger beer which made me think of how i used to scavenge danielle's ginger in her sushi if sophia didnt get to it first.

I ate sushi in the park and played with Dodgy the dog

Later in the week was the Melbourne Cup and I went with Wendy in the midst of the work day to bet money on horses and drink champagne at Watsons Bay Hotel. I bet 2 dollars on a horse called Americain and won 25. I now know how to bet on horses. We returned that night to the lovely house and made bloody marys and wine I watched the sunset illuminate the skyline and harbour bridge of sydney.

I feel like I must share the fact that I am living in the best place in Sydney. I have the best of Sydney at my fingertips I go for a morning run amongst cliffs overlooking water for miles crashing on rocks with sea spray shooting in the air and a massive cruise ship sailing into the harbour and wildlife all around me and its so liberating. When i saw the cruise ship I chased it all the way back down the cliff wondering if my Leo was on board? To get home I can take a ferry and when it rains I couldn't help but notice the water streaming across the window panes resembled blood pumping through veins a metaphor of life. When I really think about all the beautiful things I see in a day and all the ways I can interpret them it is all I can ask for really. I am finally living the dream.
And finally I would like to say that the universe is in fact completely rational. Every person builds the world in their own image. We have the power to choose but no power to escape from the neccesity of choice. However if we eradicated the the power to choose we would also eradicate the role of being human and the fact of rational and irrational would peak at the sphere of own existence- by our own choice.

As you all know I am off to Japan in a few weeks and want to wee in my pants meow meow meow


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