Monday, November 15, 2010

I leave in about a week and all i feel like is OMG add a OMFG and you are close:
And I think we should all lie in a bed of violets

Or dance along the water's edge :

Stare dumbfounded at the sky and wonder if aliens really exist or what shape the clouds are making and can people really lift off the ground when they meditate?
Or stare off majestically at beautiful skyscapes with 101 spots backing you up as a tattoo of your life experiences :
Or just creep photos on couples with a fabulous dog you wish you had:

Try on shoes that are too big or in this case sunglasses, shade the world from all the bad polarize those bitches and take a look at the wonderful colors around you:

Wendy and I went for a walk amongst Sculpture by the Sea the other day and we checked out her old neighborhood a bit then we snuck down through the off limits blocked off side walk climbed down the rock cliffs and watched the sun set accompanied by amazing dogs, surfer boys on the beach below and plenty of time to reminisce or at least that is what i got caught up doing. I kept thinking of two people in particular that would have loved the scenery the adventure and the dogs as much as I did and I concluded reminiscing is a unfortunate gateway-- the only time machine we seem to have invented thus far to the past-- and I want to live as much as I can in the present in the now RIGHT NOW. and I feel the need to say WHAM BAM THANK YOU MAM its been stuck in my head too long with noone to say it to...

This image is in no way artistically inspired or shot but rather merely me perving on some boys and fresh meat on the rocks below:

Yours Truly Surfer Boys until November 24th


P.s This is the site I have been passing lots of free time on lately making meowing noises and imitating cats and dogs and the sorts check it out ALL OF IT :

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