Saturday, November 27, 2010

First off I have to be a nerd and play this song:

Id like to say this country is amazing for the following reason they love cats. They put cats in advertisements for no reason, and dedicate calendars to cats in the world, and just have random adorable photos of cats posted as graffiti. They use the common cat with the waving arm as a symbol to bring wealth and money. Scratching the surface of wealth as JW described it me. The family I stayed with here in Tokyo are natives to the area however lived near to my hometown in North Carolina at one point and they humbly showed me around and welcomed me into there home. They had a cat named peanuts who I harassed nightly when I got home and practiced my new japanese lessons with him. We were friends when she wasnt busy sitting in front of the heater like a diva or eating her special Saturday Tuna.

This was a sculpture in the Asakusa district where if you give a donation then proceed by rubbing the injured part of the sculptures body accompanied by a prayer it is supposed to heal the wound:

These were wish tablets where the same applies .... give a donation fill out a card and throw your wish into the pile I did however like the fact that some were more weathered than others and some were new it showed a sort of history or construction in this wish theory :

I watched people rub smoke in their hair which was supposed to bring health . I did it but feel like I just dirtied my hair anyways .....

Me and JW decided this is Ralph :

and these are those lovely kitch asian things with bobble heads that work by solar energy that you often see in cars.

and these idk but I think they are the size of my stomach:

They have bike parking lots :

and here come the dolls :

and this is the random painting i did before i left wendys home in warm warm sydney:

I have had my fill of sushi, and sashimi, tempura, don katsu, miso soup, and all sorts of yummy japanes cuisines. I have been escorted all over tokyo by the lovely Nobuhiro family. I have never seen such fabulous fashion as I have here and such beautiful people. Fashion ranges from women looking like dolls --porcelain dolls to looking like hardcore rock divas or even like alice and wonderland with victorian accents and creepy stuffed deer necklaces. The women and the men are incredibly attractive and well mannered. Japan is much more westernized than China. It is incredibly clean, technologically advanced and modern and I think I will like living here for a bit. I am off to Niseko tomorrow and all of you people left in New York should know and be jealous that UNIQLO is to die for here in Tokyo o yeh and much cheaper.

Off to niseko in the morning snow please come so that I can learn to snowboard like a pro

yours truly from Tokyo


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