Tuesday, October 26, 2010

When the curtain closes.

First off I wanna say what will you do when the curtain falls left, right, left, right? listen to this please and thank you

this song peaks my interest and seems to continue to pop into my head randomly and be the tune and lyrics I find myself humming and singing as I approach the endless array of tables of demanding sloppy fingered customers wanting this or wanting that and as I grin and bear it I am balancing and weighing all the aspects of my life here and my life there.
HERE AND THERE WHY NOT EVERYWHERE. you see if there were two of my it would be great and I have rationed out that the world could use two of me because in the old apartment I used to live there was this quirky lil sign that said julia (or whatever or whoever's bloody name you want) wanted to change the world but couldn't get off the sofa. Anyways my point is I dont have this problem and I would be able to do all the things I want like live in Australia where I am (are you ready here comes a oxymoron) TERRIBLY HAPPY and I could live in New York with all my dear friends who I miss and as I weigh out the goods and bads which I wont go into because it makes looney like bugs bunny or the tasmanian devil or it makes me feel like spaghetti pasta. You know how you prop the pasta on in the pot and it sticks out and as it softens it wilts and curls and melts into the water .... yeh thats me.

SOOOOOOO next topic I had my 21st this past weekend and did a small get together in the park for roughly 10 minutes before the heavens peed on me for hours and I ran and got so wet in the rain and loved it and then went back to a friends house to continue the celebrations, left right left right ? While waiting for the bus into town that day I found this incredibly beautiful flower that entertained me for the half hour wait.

It continued over into the park as I cracked open my champagne and imagined myself as those light bubble overflowing and escaping from a pressured bottle. I have been cheersing ( not a real word ) but cheers to a lot of things lately a strawberry on the glass and a fizzy champagne cheers to that my loves.

animal photos the norm:

happy collective party :
And now I want to show you the fabulous new location I am living with my boss doing personal assistant work. Speaking of fabulous I am sitting in my bed now gorging on overly salted peanuts and Tooheys new beer before I go to work. I want to escape to this beach all the time and take my beer from staff drinks and curl up in the sun with silky the dog !!! the Cornershop dog that I love and take for walks and just mellow out and think about MR. Wilson from the survivor show or whatever movie it was.

This is Silky the cornershop love :

And for further kicks and giggles this is also a beach near to where I live been renamed as LADY BOY BAY haha get a load of this mating game its like seals bathing on rocks but instead gay naked men showing there bums and members.

And finally I have been meaning to take this photo all year it is a cathedral or something of the religous architect sorts by my university and it is dedicated and perfectly so to Danielle Hall and Sophia if they married so here I present Sophia Hall it makes me think of you two everytime I go past:

And one more note I recently tried to tie myself down here in australia and it failed horribly right now my tattoo is appropriate I have wings and I am getting close to flying so take that pigeon tag off my foot and leave me alone im flying solo for a while shit head

I leave you with one more song because who knows when Ill be back blogging maybe tomorrow or maybe when I am in Japan .... JAPAN LAND SOONNNNNNNN YIPPEEEE !

All my sarcastic dry humor until later
bowing out,

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