Saturday, October 9, 2010

On Thursday I went for a hike in the blue mountains with Shirley and it was lovely. I saw heaps of wildlife. Enjoyed the lovely weather and had a picnic in the gorge. I loved watching Shirley enjoy it so much she thought it was lovely and was such a trooper climbing rocks and stairs. When I left her studio by bike on Friday she shouted after a friendly reminder that has stuck with me. "Remember leighanna you are not invincible." It made me think what does she know that I don't? In a way I think she is way more insightful into what's to come or what I am doing then even I am aware. After that I got the weekend off which was a blessing-- Friday I went to a birthday party with some friends and was sitting by the camp fire and really soaking up the energy around me and realizing I would hate myself if I left Australia to go back to New York for study Im really happy here and for now thats all that matters.

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