Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life feels a bit like this plant sometimes, but I am doing well with shaving it off much like you do when you go two weeks ok three weeks without a proper shave:
This is the anzac bridge and off to the right is the sydney fish market:

I slept on a stoop on the water here,, Hobo life suits me well :

Hide and seek there is a fish in here and it is NOT the blue thing start looking where's waldo, where's leighanna, where are you ?:

This Thursday after having an extremely stressful week with work every night and no break in sight I had a few free hours and I decided to head down to blackwattle bay park right by where my new living accomodation is located. I will openly admit that I was feeling homesick this day and genuinely missed all you fabulous people back home. Who knows what triggers it I think mine was triggered by the fact that when things get hard you always long for somewhere that is safe and easy and in most cases that is home. I fell asleep by the water and got a tan on one side of my body sooo good lookin made me wanna say what ya got cookin. I also have to admit I never realized how much I love my two other jobs here until I started this third one. Not all work can be fun though. I got to see Shirley this week the lovely silversmith I mentioned earlier and went to her studio tonight after work to do some work on the wax machine and start making christmas gifts. She is so fascinating and to be 73 and still selling at markets and inviting me to bars to do poetry readings with her and Thursday I think I will skip uni and we will go on a hike in the blue mountains. I hope to keep that why not fearless attitude when I am that age! When talking to her about a situation here in Australia she replied, "Anyone who is someone has somebody." And I find that fabulously honest. So cheers to simplistic answers and not overlooking the obvious. Until I feel less lost and know more of what the hell I am doing I will continue to let the sun shine as I gaze aimlessly at the reflective water and its striking contrast of modern societies footprint of metal buildings and bridges and wonder where I fit in to all of this stuff we call life. like so I suggest you follow my example:


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