Monday, September 27, 2010

This is the word that describes my life right now:

Lil miss Lol stopped thru Sydney and I got to hang out with her for the night/ day. It is always such a treat to see this ray of sunshine:

Anyways I have been heaps busy lately working between uni and work I have had no time to myself and am beginning to feel a bit frazzled. BUTTTTT I bought my plane ticket to Tokyo and Sapporo due to my hard labor and am well pleased to say I will be doing the snowboarding season in Niseko this year. Since I have been back I have moved home, found some new jobs, and set my head to the goal. One day I got a free cab ride and the guy driving said how could you not like new york it always looks fun in Seinfeld ! haha I laughed I thought if only life were that simple but why cant it be? I really cant complain I have so many opportunities opening up for me I just need to take a deep breath and calm down keep the worries away. One step at a time. Gotta run off to the new job work work work .

TATA for now xx

p.s check out this amazingly funny video that morgan sent me from this summer enjoyyy

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