Thursday, September 16, 2010

Queenstown/ Christchurch

At the end of Fox Glacier they ended up offering me work and wanted me to stay longer but I figured it was better to leave and remain a good memory. While working in the kitchen in Fox Glacier it made me think back to the summer I travelled in a group around Spain and thought I wonder if there was someone in my shoes washing my dishes when I was in that group. It just really put into perspective walking in someone else's shoes or at least imagining how you fit in them ! After a night at the only pub in town I packed my bags and headed off further south and a bit inland.

In Queenstown it reminded me heaps of Whistler and made me homesick for a place that isnt even my home ! It had that camp fire like smell and everyone cruising around in their gear. Everyplace had a fireplace or heater outside as well. The views from the bus window even reminded me of the bus ride between Vancouver and Whistler. A really amazing place. While there I strolled through their parks and got my adrenaline rush bungy jumping.

Jump #1:

Jump # 2

There were so many times in New Zealand where I just wanted to surrender completely to the present. Those moments where you find yourself wanting to throw yourself into a lake, turn into a mermaid, and swim away never facing reality again and nothing else matters. Or maybe thats a bit dramatic and abstract but those moments where you wanna throw your arms open wide when you look at a amazing landscape and just soak it all in never wanting that moment to go never wanting to leave. I had the best time I have ever had backpacking alone and had no problems whatsoever meeting people its so easy sometimes travelling finding the bare essentials of food and shelter and enjoying the amazing vibes, and scenes around you-- the way life is meant to be.

I know there was more I intended to write but forgive me today is my first day back in reality and I am having a hard time adjusting so here is some easy tunes to soak up xx :

leaving you with only love,
xx L

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