Thursday, September 9, 2010

The North Island

So I have had a lot of ideas, thoughts and a whole shit load of emotions over this past week and I am gonna try my hardest to remember them and formulate them into comprehensible words, so sit back my dear friends and enjoy!

To start with I have felt much like this sign the entire time. If you were to place one in each pupil I imagine that would nail on the head my experience so far. There are just so many ways to get involved and they are all outdoors. It makes me want to ask so how many mountains have you hiked today? You can ride bikes, surf, hit the beach, do a nature trail and much much more. If I were to do a painting of New Zealand I would throw the brightest and cleanest blue and green on a canvas and name it Aotearoa.

The adventure began in Wellington when my good friend Cain picked me up and showed me the coast and a night out on the town. We got bored on the road trip home to New Plymouth and we put his overly long hair in a ponytail looks good right?

Once home in New Plymouth we hiked Mt . Paratutu and were greeted by two lovely canines at the summit woof!

My next stop was the white cliffs and surrounding towns with Eileen the sweetest lady and best host I have yet to have had the pleasure of meeting. Although it was pouring rain and whipping wind we threw on our jumpers and sprinted down the beach soaking up every bit of rain along the way.

On another day I got up the courage to drive around in Cain's car and took myself to do the coastal walk and remember thinking its always worth looking twice if something catches your eye even if it isnt what you were expecting to see in the end.

On that same day I also stopped by the Pukekura park and was fascinated with the plant life, colors, and serenity. I wandered aimlessly for a few hours lying on the ground sometimes for a good shot and was well stoked with all I found.

Even better, while in New Plymouth I learned how to wallpaper and I learned how to herd cattle and to be honest I think those were two of my favorite parts! I guess I am easy to please in that way but to me travel is a sum of your new experiences and what you take away from them.

On another note here are a few of my recent thoughts and discoveries:

Yesterday while riding the bus from New Plymouth to Wellington I found myself watching the precipitation on the windows in contrast with the spots that were clear. I found it fascinating watching how they waxed and weened depending on the amount of light they were exposed to. When light hit they shrank and sank into themselves and when the night surrounded them they came to life and breathed air and got bigger. I imagined them as breathing creatures and then made the comparison that they were much like me and many other humans for that matter. They cringe when the light hits them-- think about when someone turns a light on after you have been in a dark room and then even further when night comes we tend to come to life we drink, we laugh, we go out, and we breath.

I also came to the conclusion that our brains are only a compilation of its social aspects. A social product in other terms. That seems quite obvious, I realize, but with that being said I think any title we assume to give something is nothing new but something we are reflecting from something we learned. For example a genius is not a genius but instead a hoarder a stingy collector of facts and knowledge that everyone has the equality to obtain. I guess what I am saying is all thought theft? Are there any original ideas ?

My last concept is a person will always be attracted romantically/sexually to someone who reflects the deepest vision of themself. You are attracted to someone based on either things you value in yourself or things you hate in yourself. If you value yourself the love is an achievement if you think you are worthless you will be attracted to someone you despise and they will serve as a escape from your judgemental eyes. With that being said it all falls back on how you view love it is a response to our highest values and when you lose your values and view of existence you lose your ability to love.

I have just began my adventures in the South Island so there will be more photos to come!

All my love to Moushka


here are a couple songs I keep listening to enjoy :

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