Friday, September 10, 2010


After a 6 hour bus ride to wellington a 3 hour ferry and another 2.5 hour bus ride I arrived in Nelson. A sunny coastal city in the south island. While there I did as much as possible before hopping onto another bus this morning for 10 hours headed to Fox Glacier.

I saw this sign and thought that goes against everything culturally I have seen in New Zealand everything is about crossing the border or either I misinterpreted. So I say go beyond every border possible and get yourself in a hell of a lot of trouble.

While In Nelson I hiked up the mountain and made it to the official center of New Zealand. It seemed a bit cheesy for my liking so hiked down to the Mai Tai River Valley and messed along beside the river.

Today on the bus trip down to Fox Glacier I felt like a child glued to the window despite its lengthy span I never once got bored in fact I had to force myself to do something else than gawk at the views. Rugged, vast terrains combined with rolling hills jagged cliffs green grass and blue water. On the half way mark we had a break and I hiked the Pancakes on the Rocks:

This was my failed attempt to imitate a dog butting into my photos what do you think ? I entertain myself a one man show.

Those ferns were hissing at me along the entire walk. I wanted to hiss back but decided I would let them be grumpy cause it was a ugly rainy day.
I am in Fox Glacier now and have a glacier hike tomorrow woo hoo!! I must admit I am very proud of myself upon arrival I decided to ask if i could work for a few hours in exchange for free stay and it worked. I did like a hour of dish washing and got a free meal and my own room!! Im grinning from ear to ear. This town literally has one road and only 21 kids so right now Im eating my roast meal happily feeling like I just conquered the world one dish at a time

Check back for glacier photos

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