Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fox Glacier

Its official I am in the middle of nowhere. When I said one street I lied there are two. Nonethelessit is remote and pretty stunning here is what I have been up to. Today I hiked with a group onto the Fox Glacier. We went through the rainforest and climbed 800 steps no exagerration then came out onto a overlook and headed down and out onto the glacier. This is what I mean by stark contrast one minute you are in a rainforest the next a glacier ??

While on the glacier I kept thinking this is quite funny the fact that this small town I am in has developed its 3 cafes, 1 shop, and 1 atm all due to this glacier a town completely built upon one tourist attraction. It was pretty cool to see and do though I must admit soon I head to the kitchen to wash a few more dishes and get a full belly too
Tomorrow I am off to Queenstown where I plan to bungy jump and have one hell of a time doing it !

All my love as always


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