Saturday, August 21, 2010

To be honest keeping busy serves me well! Im high energy and I am full of life sitting inside really doesn't seem to sit well with me these days. Antsy Pantsy I become why stay in when there are beaches, mild winters, and heaps of fun things to do? Besides I have decided when I die and am reincarnated as Marycarlyle the housecat I will have plenty of time to lounge around a home and be fed sardines sleep in the sun, and of course rule the neighborhood. So until I am Marycarlyle I will continue to have late nights, long hard but fun days at work, university, and lots of laughs. I am planning all my traveling escapades in the process. After I get back from New Zealand I have to begin planning Japan! Im petsitting this week so expect to get some photos of a adorable fluff ball named Lilly. On the other hand this song seems to really nail on the head how I feel here in Australia see what you think:

On another note I have been contemplating the issue is money evil or are the people who use it evil? And if money is evil should it be evenly distributed in other terms more of a utopia communist state where everyone is the same thus equally evil? Or should money be left in the hands of incompetent evil people? My decision is that people are evil not money you control every other aspect of your life why let money control you ? Sure having money is important but having sanity and honesty is heaps more valuable. The decision is yours.

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