Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So I have been a bit shit lately with this but haven't taken many photos, have been overly busy working and school, and life, and mostly having a good time. So here is the line up. Maybe 4 weeks ago I went to the aroma festival hosted at the rocks where they bring in coffee from all over the world I was a jittery ball of energy after all the caffeine. I went with Dom and we enjoyed the camels and turkish gozleme before I ran off to Paddy's Market to indulge in cheap vegetables and being herded around like a group of sheep.

A couple fridays ago before I started working I went to Cockatoo island with a friend from Uni to check out the Biennial Art Exhibition. The first thing we saw was a sign pointing to the bar and we made a beeline in that direction. These lovely interactive pasta strainers were awaiting our arrival!

Finally I have enjoyed a few nights out despite my busy schedule this is one of them

Now that I have hit the ground running I must run off to meet with my personal trainer I hope she won't kill me or weigh me

Enjoy xx

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