Monday, August 30, 2010

I love this one my imagination thought ahh a love story in the tomb the way they have crossed yet have there own separate identities in the color!

And this one the tree and the broken tomb from this angle looked like part of the same entity a lovely metaphor in a way we are recycled back into the earth so in a way they are one in the same.

Lilly did not like that the camera was getting more attention than her haha!

Lilly made a friend !!

So I have been petsitting this jewel names Lilly for the past week and absolutely adore her and her lovely lil quirks. I wont ramble on about them though or I will sound like a nut haha. Anyways I have been taking her to this cemetery where her owner goes and it is incredible. Around dusk the lighting is beautiful and I must say it makes me feel a bit like Alice and Wonderland. Even more spectacular is the vivid bright colors of life surrounding these tombs representative of death. Lush green grass and growing fungus, running dogs, and talking owners crawl all over this place of death. I happened to remember yesterday as I was perched upon a tomb playing modest mouse and writing letters home that I was in a place of rest and probably shouldnt be listening to music on a tomb. Nonetheless it is a magical place. I have been cooped up too long these past days printing projects, building sculptures and getting ready for New Zealand WAHHH dinner get together tonight then I am off. Lots of Love


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