Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Under the Tuscan Sun

After Rome I caught a train down to Florence for a few days. While there I did a Tuscany tour that took me to Sienna, a local vineyard, San gimignano, and Pisa. I had a blast and a few interesting stories to go along with it all.

I got to experience the celebratory parade for the winning team in the worldwide famous horse race held in Sienna each year. The boys were beating drums, flying flags, and sucking on pacifiers as they marched thru the streets of Sienna.

I visited the cathedral of Sienna and got to see some of the best preserved frescoes I have ever seen not to mention the Tile Graffiti style art of the floor. It is definitely the most impressive Cathedral I have ever seen. Trust me while travelling I have seen more than my fair share of churches.

While in Sienna I also visited a candle making shop and questioned about the process of dying wax and found it was strikingly similar to making your own colors in painting

After Sienna I went to a local vineyard for a wine tasting and lunch. At the vineyard they made their own wine, olive oil, pasta, milk, everything except for the cheese. It was by far the best meal I have had travelling. Wish you had been with me Amy you would have loved it!!

Next stop was San Gimignano a small overlooked town in Tuscany which was breathtakingly gorgeous. The highlight was the fact that the worlds best gelatteria was located here I well endulged myself.

Last stop was Pisa where common sense entails that the infamous leaning tower of Pisa is located there. Was not to much to see but I did stumble across a local artist who made spoon bracelets and we had a good chat over my bracelet hah.

This was a note my creepy old man of a roommate wrote in his diary and left my his bedside. He snored violently and I had many gruesome thoughts of how best to suffocate him. Needless to say he left before I could get my hands or a pillow on him. I feel no remorse for reading his diary either.

I hope you all find this as humorous as I did.
These were interesting a ongoing interactive art project from what I could tell. It was located outside the Uffizi gallery where i got to see the original Birth of Venus painting !!

On my last day I hiked up the hill to the Piazzo de Michaelangelo to see these views of Florence the city. The photo does the talking.

all my love

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