Thursday, July 22, 2010

TI love this post card. In fact, it hits home on a conversation I was pondering with a friend recently and how crucially important it is to never lose that wonder of a child with everything in life. I love watching kids and how enthused they are by anything, EVERYTHING. A tree, a bird, a car, a plane. Recently while walking into a overly busy mall with people intersecting in all directions I noticed a small toddler in a stroller with a seashell to her ear. She was listening to the ocean. A pure innocence and excitement that we as adults all to often lose. I think its great to imagine you are a mermaid.
As long as it isnt this type of mermaid:

And I think this is lovely too! As a avid wearer of contacts I think it is only the most optimisitic manner in which one could look at it. Holding the amazement with the world.

Finally it has been my first week of uni over and so far I have some seriously cool projects. I have been directed to make a postcard screenprinted making a statement of consumerism in a abnormal approach. I am to make letterpress postcard utilizing only the bare and original elements and creations of typography. Yet, I think the most interesting award goes to my 8 to 10 sketches to illustrate how coffee smells! There is a aroma coffee festival this weekend I will definetely be attending.

On top of that since being here it is official I am smitten.... and I feel like Lady Gaga because I want to sing boyzzz boyz boyzz

xx L

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