Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ok so these are seriously cool if you didnt notice !

They are two images morphed into one, a bit contradictory in terms of what you usually see together. They made me think of Naples, Italy and how it has a city beneath it, a underground network of caves, and tunnels that today seem to hold a dark foreboding essence a taboo land. But it illustrates this beautiful concept of layering and multiple things happening at once, yet secretive unknown and tempting kinda like a bad boy on a bike?? ha
Anyways, I was thinking recently the other night at dinner with some friends and had a bit of a revelation. Two of the people were debating over violent video games whether they are good bad, ugly etc... and while listening I realized I wasn't a leader. That sounds odd to say in such a manner, but my point is I immediately wanted to take the side of the losing person I wanted to help them. And for so long most of my life I have been told I was a leader.... so no wonder I have been feeling such a conflict the past few years. I have been wrestling with why I am not living up to this persona. It is because I was living up to what I was told not who I am. Anyways now that i figured that one out I feel like I can begin to sort thru some of the rubbish that has been thrown my way for some time and begin figuring out the truth

p.s sauce packets are amazing in Australia google them

xx L

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