Friday, July 2, 2010

London and Amsterdam

So I am back on the road again here and there faster than even I can keep up with. Minus the fact that I am carrying 30 Kilos around give or take I am having a blast. I started in London . having a completely different experience than when I was there last. This time it consisted more of rooftop terrace nights and free foods from markets --I liked it. The nights flew and so did Amy and I ---right on to Amsterdam Holland where literally the time there was a haze. Our nonairconditioned rose petal room was a highlight haha. But I will quit talking and let the photos do the rest enjoii

We went to portobello markets where I got a bracelet that the seller promised to bring me 10 boyfriends I have only met 2 so far ha.
I did Westfield so I could get my fill of Waggamama's

We spent our evenings on the rooftop terrace or on the patio outback

Then we left early in the morning for Amsterdam Netherlands.
Gorged ourselves silly on this amazingly perfect hot chips with mayo

Watched a fire show and also saw the glee coach from TV at our restaurant

Rode bikes for two days straight most of the time barely dodging other cars and riders
Saw the flower market

Shopped for postcards

Visited Rembrandts house and studio

Went out to a few places and stole peoples food from their tables on our journey home
xx L

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