Monday, July 5, 2010

Bumming it Roman Style

So after I left Amy in Amsterdam I headed down to Rome for a few days:

I did the obvious tourist things like visit the Colosseum

and the surrounding Roman ruins. I must admit the geek part of me thoroughly enjoyed distinguishing the different architectural column types

I also visited the Vatican City and was turned away from the cathedral because apparently I was unholy in my apparel. I snuck in anyways forget covered shoulders and knees when its 34 C.

Finally the coolest part of my stay in Rome was hanging with these bums in the piazzo by where I ate dinner. One of the guys spoke spanish so I was able to communicate.

This guy sung me a couple songs after my generous gift of leftover red wine. His music reminded me loads of flamenco style music-- raspy and sensual.
he had collected charms from different places he had travelled and he shared his stories with me for each one.

This cheeky chap was bilingerantly intoxicated and not only serenaded me but repeatedly kissed my foot while calling me beautiful in Italian. Creepy if I hadn't found it all in good fun.

I took quite a liking to this guy he had a really cool aura he gave off and he had been loads of places. I guess you can never explain why you are drawn to certain people's mannerisms over others.

We jammed for a few hours until the real drama started and the police came and broke up all the harmless fun-- I decided it was time to go an met up with the two holland boys I happened to meet the night before on the bus. I loved Rome in that way I was always meeting people. The Holland boys turned out to be good company we went to dinner the first night I met them and we went out both nights after overall it turned out to be one of my favorite places I have been so far. Late nights and loads of happenstance occurences.

xx L

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