Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bratwurst Nation

Ok first off I would like to say its official I am lesbian as according to SouthPark tv show because I wear birkenstocks haha. But I like them and they are cozy besides I think my painted nails complement them nicely.

On my first day in Germany I stumbled across this local food market called Kleinmarkthalle. Noone spoke English so I pointed to something called a Freichwurst it was served a fourth of a fat pork sausage with a piece of roll and mustard. I topped it off with a german pastry and some potato salad.

While walking around I came across these enthusiastic musicians whom I had to either buy a cd or go out on a date with the guitarist. I bought a cd.

After wards I made a stop at the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art and was overly excited to see all the well known art and artists. I even got approved for photography permissions!!

I really liked the following artist Murray Gaylard-- he would take art interviews white out the answers and write in his own. He would also make some type of art with collage or montage to top it off. It was creatively narcissistic.

I saw some of Roy Lichenstein's work which was a thrill considering I based one of my projects off his style in Uni.

I saw Andy Warhols works as well, including these interesting sketches. I always like to see other forms of art by a artists other than what made them famous.

Visited a german cathedral and found the differences from the Italian ones to be huge.

This was the neighborhood I was graced the opportunity to stay in haha the Red light District. It was harmless and reminded me of Pigalle in Paris France.

On my last day I did a boat ride and saw the city skyscapes Frankfurt has to offer Modern with antique architecture is really interesting to see.

I got to see a Erwin Ludwig exhibit as well his stuff really reminds me of a mix between Picasso and Egon Schile

I am killing time now before I have to head to the airport for my red eye flight to Sydney. It has been a great summer and I already miss all my friends and all the people I have met.
Here are a few things I have been mulling over or discovering since traveling --
I leave them with you :

1) You only feel loneliness when you feel happiness, but can feel happiness without feeling lonely.

2) I think its interesting how many social situations are intimate without even realizing. For example leaning in to give a drink order in a crowded bar.

3) Thought is our weapon for action but what do we do when there is no action? Thought is a tool for how we make choices,but when you have no defenses or no choices you have no thought. With that being said some things should not be contemplated upon, there is a certain evil that takes over the viewer when things out of our reach or hands is overthought. In other words there is no answer and we have to learn to be ok with that.

4) When you travel you can be whoever you want. One place I am australian, spanish, and even canadian at times, I have studied in Florence, I am originally from New york those are only a few of the lies I have told while traveling-- at first I was distressed at all my small lies but concluded it comes with the freedom of traveling and the selection of disclosing whatever info you want to whomever you wish.

5) The more we know, the more we learn that we know nothing. The first thing you see you should disbelieve. We are helpless in the face of reality. The rational is in fact the insane. The only thing that exists are contradictions. It is nonsense to demand sense, nothing is fact.


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