Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As my days at home are coming to a close I am beginning to get very stressed with all the minor things I have to take care of. I wish there was a way to pack up all the things I love and a way to show everyone how much they have meant and still mean to me. All this building stress makes me feel as if I am searching thru something as if I am on a safari:

these feelings make me want to run to a dream place like this :

And I think the best song to show how I am feeling is this :

And yes I know this is something I have to do and something I want to do, but I am leaving somewhere comfortable and safe behind and its the first time I have felt both those things in
two years. However the excitement of going all these places taps into that wild side of me and makes me want to be caught red handed like this :

And instead of doing what I am supposed to I am doing alot of this :

On another note I was featured on flickr for the world's most interesting and creative images as well as a feminine power blog haha for the below image which you can find here ..... http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/Tags/clever,different/Recent http://allwomenstalk.com/8-ways-to-learn-to-love-yourself/:

This girl reminds me of Mary Kate:

These make me snicker:

This is how strong I wish I felt:

With the world cup occurring we got the troops together and had a party:

I am not sure what was occurring here:

I have no idea who I was seducing here :

I was saying my own proper goodbyes to America here :

I was told I smell magical here :

More American Repping

And Finally me showing respect for America bahaha

Despite all that is happening right now I still have a lot to look forward to and a lot of people to meet. In fact I realized the other day how amazing a feeling it was to think of all the potential people I could meet and all the prospects for the types of relationships I could develop with each and every one. Friends all over the world keep coming. No matter what happens this is how I soothe myself:

Over and Out,

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