Thursday, May 6, 2010


does this boy live in Tennessee?
Because he is the only Ten I see

Back to something more on my level .... It is finals time and it makes my head feel like this:

or this:

and I wish I was this girl... shes like 11 but what a babe:

Instead of doing processing, web design, and other sorts I find my mind wandering and I wish I was wandering in the woods like this:

and or camping out in some open field somewhere free to do this :

I could dress like this and blend in perfectly

THIS IS COOL!: (art by megan)

Damn I really wanna go camping but even more
I wish I had someone to give this letter to:

And I am glad to say I feel like this a lot lately because sometimes
there is nowhere better to be :

Now that everything has gone up into flames I feel like:

and until then we just have to lean on someone but sometimes thats not comfortable
i prefer a big fat kiss or hug

P.s I am really digging lace lately and I am also loving ghetto fabulous slang such as gr8 l8er h8er, dats cool, and anything gramatically obnoxious.

yours trulayyy

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