Saturday, May 8, 2010


So after a great deal of wondering everything seems to finally be coming together and that serves for some celebrating. I bought a bottle of prosecco last night to celebrate the following occurences:

I got a great job back home for the summer and finally bought my ticket to Europe and to my final destination in Sydney Australia.

I will definetely be in London

And I will definetely be in Germany, Not to sure about anywhere else just yet. Think I will get there and see where the euro breeze blows me. I may go visit a few friends in Spain and Switzerland or maybe go some new places who the fuck knows !! Either way itll be great.

Even better news is that my roommate Sophia got accepted to NYU for the upcoming year and just found her new apartment as well. I am so stoked for her to get the fuck away from the bloody bullshit of the New School University.

I am going into my last week of uni and my last week in New york, not even a week I embark Thursday with the pop on a road trip back home. I am more than motivated to work as well. Save some money and have a sweet trip worry free in Europe.

Its weird to just know, but knowing myself I love to know everything!
I simply cant bear not knowing so life is good for now.

kisses to everyone let summer begin !


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