Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I am really tired of all these stone walls and stone cold people around me

It makes me feel like this

When all I really wanna feel is this

This weekend I am going to Baltimore fuck everything else I need to get out and I really need these girls (featured above)
besides there is a lady in red themed party Thursday night Corset anyone?

Not to mention in two and a half weeks time I get to see these amazing people when I reunite at the lake house and on the crystal coast of North Carolina
I really miss you guys :(
We can party hardy and drink wine with sand between our toes and laugh at the moon because there isnt a man there and tell remember when stories ( I have a lot of those)

And finally I get to see this Very Important Person-- it has been way too long hopefully you make it to the lake to keep me company.

can't wait to see you!


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