Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Think I Finally Know What I want, I want to be two Places at Once

I went to the Picasso Exhibit at the MOMA that I had been dying to see. It was a exhibit housing his printmaking works... I learned that the Minotaur present in many of his works was a subconcious representation of himself and his uncanny desires. I also learned that he liked to watch his lovers sleep and  often drew them when they were unaware. His drawings of his lovers were representations of how he felt towards them at the time not how the lover was feeling.

While there  I saw the exhibit housing Good Design Today along with New Typography. I saw a couple well famous posters and some interesting furniture and textures.

I decided since I had ventured so far I might as well view some of the permanent collections as well and revisited many of the artists I know and love. 

After and all ready full day I went to a music gig to see Keep Away and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson with Joe. The tunes were great and we were off to a good start.

I danced a little,

laughed and loved a lot,

 and in case you were wondering,yes this was captured while I was taking a piss.

The lead singer had nice hair. It was curly, I am a sucker for curls. I talked to him after the show unfortunately the conversation and our interactions I seem to have forgotten. 

After leaving the show Joe and I harrassed the local cat Sammie He is severely obese.
I ended my night passing out mouth wide open in a chair; Just like a rock star.
Tonight we are going to a party as well maybe I will snag a few photos from that as well

and that my friends is the L word

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