Sunday, April 18, 2010


This weekend we had a house party that was loaded with so many people I had never met in my life; More and more seemed to pour thru the front door all night. Here are some of the party shots. Sometimes I think house parties are the best! You get rowdy with the people you love and you have some fucking good laughs who cares if its routine who needs to spice it up when all you have to do is drink and be merry.

On the subway today I had my headphones on so everyone around me was muted so I was watching but I was just observing their actions. It was so genuinely pleasing to watch the simplest things that brought joy-- innocent joy to people's faces. I watched as a girl checked her cell phone and smiled a smile that you only smile when someone you truly love has sent you something cheeky or sweet. I watched a older woman play peek a boo with a child in a stroller in the subway. The glimmer in the child's eye was so excited and playful and the happiness it gave the woman I felt radiating from her. I guess my point is several things : 1) I miss how the simplest things brought you happiness as a child 2) their is a correspondence between those things that bring utter happiness to a child and utter happiness to a adult and it lies in the simplicity of the actions. 3) Notice those little things more and feed off the happiness it gives.


P.S a very important friend may be coming to visit me this weekend hope to see them soon!

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