Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spotted Jetsetting

So some things have been going on behind the scenes this past month a fair amount of rough terrain and the only good  thing  is this. I am leaving New York, at least for the year and where am I going instead,drum roll please..... 
Sydney Australia!! 
The very things that attracted me to this city are the very things that are running me away.  So goodbye lights, goodbye people, goodbye snow, and most of all goodbye loneliness
Instead I would like to give a friendly and warm hello to sun,beaches,boys,and a hell of a good time. I have some good friends waiting on me in Sydney can't wait to grab a surf board hit the beach and see what else or who else has decided to hit the waves as well..
It is fact that by making this move I will be leaving and moving far from all the people I love in the North American region, but I will always love you whether I come back or not
all I can see right now is straight ahead and goodbye to all this past bullshit that has been holding me back. It has held me back for 1 year-- tugging at my shirt but now my shirt has a fat hole in it cause I broke away.... 
yours truly ,

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