Sunday, February 14, 2010

San Valentin --- Happy birthday sis

Don't get me wrong I am definetely not the type of girl who is keen on chocolates and flowers-- but I am still a girl. Today being Valentine's Day and considering I am the only one in my apartment who will not be celebrating its hard not to feel a wee bit lonely. I hate the holiday and I hate that it is a day that represents this forced entity of emotions, but its still there and when its in your face all around you, its a little hard not to pay it due respect. It's not that there isn't any one special its just that they aren't here. On another note it is my sisters birthday as well and we have always grown up getting some sort of candy or rose on valentines day even if it was just from my fellow classmates. I wonder where the love will come from today maybe ill treat myself to a fattening cupcake or something and pretend it was from someone who cares? Or maybe I will make valentines for all my friends... I was always the sucker for hand making my valentines, added just a touch more sentiment don't ya think?? 
All I am saying is it never hurt anyone to show that you care.
all the best and happy valentines day

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  1. im with ya girl, im spending my alone-on-valentines-day blasting wu tang and doing homework. a present from someone would be sweet