Friday, January 1, 2010

Together as One 2010

So we went all out for New Years last night and I have to say, I have honestly in my life, never seen something so wild, amazing, perfect, and yet still legal at the same time.  All the girls were dressed basically naked in tutus and bras, lingerie, the works. We were packed into a tent with smoke, drugs, and a lot of lights dancing, and happy people.  We danced until the night was over I was sure my legs would collapse before the night ended.  There were free light shows, plenty of Kandi bracelets being handed out, and one hell of a good time. I have never had so many strangers sweat on me, been violated by the most random men and  blown kisses to everyone away from me at midnight. We rang in the new year together as one, its the end of the first decade of the millenium-- lets make this year memorable! I started my new years with a japanese family eating so much sushi I think I may explode I sure am knackered after last nights events cannot wait to go to bed.  
Last night was like a dream just imagine being surrounded by vibrant saturated flashing colors, pulsing sounds through your body, and a movement for several hours and you will be right there with us.

lots and lots of loving
LeighAnna style xx

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