Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Take a Look Outside

Ive been back in New York for two nights now and its starting to feel a bit more comfortable.  Yesterday was hell, every part of my body wanted to flight to anywhere but New York. It made me sad that I didnt want to be here anymore cause it used to be held on such a high pedastool in my eyes. It has all come down ... I woke up from a dream and everything rushed in at fast paces from all angles and nothing could stop the truth from settling in and nesting deep under my skin.  I have chills from the cold seeping into my room, I have chills from the fake glasses and stares at my school, I have chills from the gray all around me.  These are the views from a classroom I have this semester and also had last semester the view can be astonishing at just the right time of day.

This morning my favorite muffin place had a special running.. a coffee and a muffin for 3 dollars then I ran into a old friend Alwayne-- it made my day better 

I sent in a app to Italy and am working on Australia currently. I want out and i'm shaking the walls around me with forceful vibrations. 

I ate salmon jerky today .... it was a bad idea and i still taste fish

I have a dinner date with Ben to catch up thai food!! yummy


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