Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Day

So the day after our big party we came back early to the house to prepare for the annual sushiathon. Every year Hana's mom prepares a huge japanese cuisine buffet style at their house for her family and one other family. I have never eaten so much sushi in my life. I made my own sushi, ate homemade sushi, japanese appetizers, and much much more I couldn't stop myself I was sooo full the entire day. It was my fantasy come true.. I played with my clams and sardines and basically wallowed in the glory of having COPIOUS amounts of sashimi and sushi at my fingertips. Tomorrow I am off to San Francisco after I get to spend some quality time with my cono dewey.  I hope the golden gate bridge can support me after all that eating.
lots of love 

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